What is an HD Live 4D video scan?

An HD Live 4D scan is the latest technology ultrasound scan that allows you to see the face and features of your unborn baby moving in 3 dimensions and in colour. The 4th dimension is time, so you actually see your baby stirring and getting up to all sorts of wonderful activities in the womb.

Are HD Live 4D video scans safe?

Yes. The HD Live 4D video system uses the same ultrasound signals used in normal 2D pregnancy scanning. The difference is that a powerful computer within the ultrasound machine enables an HD Live video image of your baby to be viewed in three dimensions.

4D video scanning is just as safe as the old 2D scans which millions of babies have been exposed to over the past 30 years.

How much is an HD Live 4D video scan?

Our exclusive edited video packages start at £245. If you aren’t looking for a video of your baby you can book a regular 3D scan here.

At what stage in my pregnancy can I have a 4D video scan?

We suggest a 4D Baby scan can be done between 22–34 weeks, (18–30 weeks for twins).

Before 22 weeks your baby will look quite skeletal and may be frightening to see. After 34 weeks there is often not enough amniotic fluid around your baby for us to be able to produce a clear 4D video image.

We are willing to scan outside the suggested range of 22–32 weeks however you should be aware you may not obtain the baby pictures you might be hoping for.

When is the best gestational for a 4D video scan?

The best time for a 4D video scan is around 28 to 30 weeks of pregnancy (22 – 24 weeks for twins).

How far in advance should I book my 4D video scan?

At least 2 weeks. Most parents like to wait until after their 20 Week Anomaly Scan before they book their 4D baby scan. However, our 4D Scans are very popular so we always recommend that you should book early to avoid disappointment.

Do I need to be referred by my Doctor/Midwife/Obstetrician?

No. A referral isn’t necessary for a 4D Baby Scan. All our packages include a Fetal Growth Scan and Report that can be passed on to your GP/Obstetrician or Midwife.

Do I need to have any medical scans done before my 4D video scan?

Yes. You should have had your 20-week Anomaly Scan before having a 4D video scan. If you have missed your 20 week scan we can perform this first (at additional cost) to confirm that all is well before proceeding to the HD Live 4D images.

How long does a 4D video scan take?

Our 4D video scan appointments are longer (30 minutes for single babies) but you should allow at least an hour just in case your baby isn’t in an ideal position. Babies do not always pose for 4D baby scans.

Can I bring family and/or friends to my 4D scan?

Of course! Sharing the 4D baby scan experience is one of the most wonderful moments of your pregnancy, so we have seating for up to 4 extra family or friends to join you in our scanning suite.

Who will perform my 4D video scan?

A fully qualified and accredited 4D video expert sonographer.

Will I see my baby’s gender during the 4D video?

Possibly. However, Gender Identification Scans are only performed with conventional 2D Ultrasound.

During your 4D scan, our operator can avoid all areas likely to show the baby’s gender if you don’t want to know.

How long is the edited video?

Around 6 minutes.

During your 30 minute appointment, you will be scanned for a minimum of 20 minutes. From that 20 minutes around 10 minutes of recognisable 4D Baby images will be produced. We edit out all the annoying 2D images and leave you with only the very best 4D video images from your scan.

Can I have an unedited 4D video?

No, sorry. We did run a trial period offering the unedited 4D scans and over 75% of patients chose our edited video, so now we stick to what most people want and what we are experts at.

Can I have my own choice of music on my 4D video?

No. To use commercial music we would have to obtain permission from the artist and pay them lots of money.

This would make your 4D Scan video very, very expensive.

If you don’t like it you can always choose not to listen to our specially composed music by selecting the sound of baby’s heartbeat on your DVD menu.

How many JPEG files will I get?

During your 4D video scan the operator will capture at least 10 still images of your baby.

They will also try to get as much 4D video footage as needed to produce your HD Live video. Keeping a balance between these two can be difficult depending on your baby’s cooperation so we cannot guarantee an exact number.

If you would like more still images please ask the operator who will capture them more frequently.

How long will I have to wait for my 4D video package?

Your unique edited video takes around 15 minutes to process. The iPad/iPhone/iPod HD video file takes around an 30 minutes to compress. You may relax in our Patient Lounge or we can post the media to you.

Can a 4D video scan identify Down Syndrome or other anomalies?

No. During a 4D video scan the operator is trying to obtain the best pictures of your baby and is not looking for abnormalities. Because your baby will have been screened for anomalies at the 12 and 20 Week Scans it is highly unlikely you or the operator will see any problems during a 4D video scan.

However all our packages include a Fetal Growth Scan and Report along with your 4D video scan so that the health and well being of your baby can be checked.

It is not possible to detect Down Syndrome by looking at a baby using a 4D video scan.

What happens if my baby is in a poor position for a 4D video scan?

Should your baby be in a poor position to obtain clear 4D video images the sonographer will first try a few techniques to obtain the best image. If these are unsuccessful you may be asked to return our Patient Lounge and walk around in an effort to encourage your baby to move. We may try to re-scan you several times during clinic opening hours. If there isn’t available time in the schedule or if the clinic is closing we will ask you to re-book for another day. You will not be charged for additional scanning time on your second visit. If your 4D video scan is successful on the second attempt the cost to you will be the same if your 4D baby scan were completed on the first appointment.

My baby has an identified abnormality, can I still have a 4D video scan?

Yes. We have experience in performing 4D video scans on babies with special needs and understand the special importance a 4D baby scan may have for those parents. We can help you by providing a pleasant, lasting experience and quality keepsakes to memorialise your child.

Have we answered all your questions?

If not please feel free to get in touch with us.